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The Community Redevelopment

and Infrastructure Stimulus Program 


CRISP is a new model for a new prosperous partnership economy that puts commerce on steroids by facilitating:

  • Saving and giving more money back to consumers with more places to spend 

  • The opportunity for merchants to create greater loyalty and connection with consumers;

  • Expanded merchant market reach, exposure and penetration of the consumer pool;

  • The driving and “swarming” of customers to merchants based on geo-location data; 

  • Access to a broader scope of consumer data for more and better target marketing;

  • Access to cash-backed reward points to perpetuate more merchant and member involvement;

  • A proprietary revenue distribution engine that not only gives cash-back to consumers and the merchants and other stakeholders, but it also gives back funds for the needs and growth of the community where the program is implemented;

  • The help and support of charitable, humanitarian, and environmental needs;

  • Stimulus funding packages for the development, adoption, and sustainability of cooperative, smart, eco-friendly cities of the future

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